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2011 project
This Album only include one painting:
No One's Wonderland / Form is Emptiness, Acrylic on Canvas, 6 x 20 feet, 2011
Collected by Dr.Wayne Yakes
The painting, No One's Wonderland/ Form is Emptiness, explores the Buddhist philosophical idea of emptiness which is also explained as non-duality. In this context, emptiness does not mean that there is something to become empty; it means form is emptiness. In other words, all the forms we see, and experience, are only baseless aggregates of labels, such as "there is no forest but trees". Based on this view, I am challenging the characteristics of all the materials and values around us by displacing and reconstructing various icons, symbols and imageries from different cultures, media, and time though my painting which is a symbolic media that represents the non-dualistic nature between “the virtual” and “the real". For instance, in this piece I painted a Google map as an ancient format and I added the hand written text "Real Yellow Submarine" on the painted sea waves. Beyond this psychedelic coding is a path that forces us to see each element as a part and keeps deconstructing them until they no longer carry their tags. By doing so, I hope that my viewers will realize that things exist dependently and they are just our perceptions and labels; therefore, the whole system of reality is often dependent on our state of mind.