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2010-2012 Painting Series Album
Internet/computer icons, hand writing, cave paintings, broken figure imageries, animated charters with various icons and symbols from different cultures, media, and time plus 3-Dimensional effect bring you psychedelic experiences. This landscape is a snap shot of The Matrix, sponsored by New Technique Media.

This is contemporary Thangka. Or, doesn't have to be. Those are only labels. The most important aspect is where it is leading us. Beyond this psychedelic coding is a path which forces us to see each element as part and keep deconstructing them until they don't carry their tags. But the choice is yours. You can just look at it then walk away, or you can find the key in the mass, to find the meaning of meaningless.

My work explores the mass of new technologies, communication, and also examines the non-duality of “the virtual” and “the reality”. By sampling and reformatting icons, patterns, and symbols from various cultures and time periods (provided by new technologic platforms), I am painting endlessly-rebirthing globe-maps which are made for the possibility of acquiring Nirvana.