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Art Series Album from 2006 to 2008

Asking what art is for me is like asking me what life is. This question is too big to answer. My life is river runnings will follow its own path which I even don't know. Let it be. My life can change; it is same with my thoughts and my art. So I can't say something can cover my entire thinking process in the past or future. For my recent work, I am interested in all the simple articles of everyday use for the materials. I think a good artist can find materials in all over the place and change how people used to see them. Once I "open" my eyes, I find "freedom" and "goldmine" in everywhere. Everything could be my "lover", if I keep "dating" with them; they would tell me more about themselves. Also, I wish people can have fun and go back to their childhood though my recent work. I used to work on some dark content for a long time; however, I think the world is not dark or bright; it depends on what you see and think. In my opinion, the world is the same size with your heart, so right now I choose the fun and love for me and you.

Xi Zhang

July 2006