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Scroll #1_Detail

How can we define a painting? What is a good painting? How is a Chinese painting Chinese? If a Caucasian were born and raised in China, and never learned any other culture or language, could we say this person was Asian? What if this person were also an artist, and only knew how to do African folk drawings, and learned the technique through weird dreams which were influenced by Chinese animation? Could we say s/he is a contemporary Chinese artist?

In my Scroll painting series, I challenge the concepts of boundary and authorship. I carefully designed the composition and color of some of the paintings. With others, I painted with my eyes closed while farting. Can you tell me which painting is good? What if I tell you I didn’t paint them all. I invited a couple of established abstract painters from London and New York to help me finish them. Can you tell which paintings are theirs? What if I tell you, there is one done by my five years old niece? Do you see her work within the group? Did I tell you the truth? How could you know?

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